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"broken" email halts email processing

Created: 30 Aug 2012 | 4 comments
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We have had two instances in as many weeks where a "broken" email (Symantec's words) had stopped the email monitor from processing any email to create tickets. Apparently the email monitor could not bypass the broken email and by the time it was noticed that we werent getting email tickets the inbox had over 60 emails in it.

While working with Symantec Support I was told that this situation is not uncommon.

Given that our voice mails come through email as well this is potentially a huge issue for us.  So I thought I'd check if anyone else has experienced this issue and how are you monitoring so that, when encountered, it is addressed in a timely manner?  Any hints on what constitues a "broken" email would help too so maybe we can do something at the exchange server level?


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Not sure why a TSE would advise you that the situation was caused by a "Broken" email without explaining what was actually "Broken".

I am aware of a issue with SD 7.1 SP2 where certain HTML tags can cause incidents which are creating from inbound emails not to be correct created. I am assuming that in your case something similar is happening but instead no emails are actually processed. I would recommend having a look at the following KB

Were Support able to identify a pattern in the emails which were causing the issue? If possible could you attach the email here including some more information about the version of SD you currently have and I will see if I can reproduce the issue for you and provide some more insight.

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Have you been able to indentify anything in the ticket that is different from the tickets that get processed correctly?  

We have had the same issue for a few different reason.  The title of the tickets being too long and this wierd character that gets added to the end of emails sent by some of our Xerox devices.

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From the description, it is not the issue with HTML in e-mails. That issue will not block e-mail monitoring in any way.

We have not seen this issue reported lately but back in ServiceDesk 7.0 there was a problem in some cases where one e-mail message failing to process could block the e-mail monitoring completely.

What ServiceDesk version is this happening in?

The e-mail inbox used is POP or IMAP?

To find out why this is happening, we need to find out what exactly is there in these "broken" e-mails that actually fails.

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my appologies guys, work time for SD is extremely limited right now.  Hopefully I can get back to this sometime in the next couple of days.