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Browser support in Symantec Vontu DLP?

Created: 12 Jul 2013 • Updated: 22 Jul 2013 | 14 comments
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Hi All

Could any one share me that, what is the backend for symantec vontu & what are the different browsers that symantec vontu DLP tool supports?

Operating Systems:

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its the tomcat. and oracle as DB.

what is that you looking for browser compatibility?

We support IE 6.x, 7.x, 8.x for DLP 9.x and 10.x.  IE 6 is no longer supported in v 11.x

We support Firefox 2.x, 3.0, 3.5 in DLP 9.x and 10.x.  Firefox 3.6 is supported with 10.5 Firefox 2.x is no longer supported in v 11.x.

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Hi All

Could any one share the architecture of DLP & what are the various kind of servers that DLP implementation is required for Data in motion & Data at Endpoint?

Please specify the architecture too...

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enforce server , detection/prevention servers, agent , oracle DB etc.

it can 3 tier , 2 tier or single tier architecture.

Have you bought DLP ? if yes, contact Symantec sales or partner for the install help.

also checj this link

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Hi Pete

Thank you very much for the info provided. I need a detailed outline for implementation/ Administration of DLP. 

Thanks for the link..:)

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Hi Pete

I am not able to access the below link..

Could you provide any further links 

Thanks a lot !!!!!

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Hi Friends

Could any one help me out in finding what is DLP Desktop & what is it usage in organization perspective in day to day tasks & how is it related to Symantec vontu DLP?

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i hope you are talking about the endpoint agent. this will monitor the policy applied for endpoint, like copy to usb, data leaving of endpoint agent using http/https/ftp etc.

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I think we need to split some of the questions into seperate forum questions.  Do you still need help with browser support in DLP 12.0?  If not please mark the correct post as the solution.  If you still need help with browser support please let us know.

Also for your other questions it might help to split them into seperate questions, read the DLP Admin guide, or contact your Symantec Partner to get more help around Symantec DLP.


Jonathan Jesse Practice Principal ITS Partners

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Here are some documents that you can read on how the system works. I am including the installation guide for Windows, but the system can also run on Linux.

Hope this makes sense.

If this solves your questions please marked as solved.


Symantec_DLP_12.0_System_Requirements_Guide.pdf 911.39 KB
Symantec_DLP_12.0_Admin_Guide.pdf 12.72 MB
Symantec_DLP_12.0_Install_Guide_Win.pdf 1.29 MB

Please make sure to mark this as a solution

to your problem, when possible.

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Thanks a lot Jjesse & Pete..smiley

All the provided documents are so informative.. I would like to get a detailed information about the Architecture of Symantec Vontu DLP.. Please share any architecture related info....

Thanks smiley

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Read the Sizing and Hardware Recommendation guide which is part of the Docs zip file and also the DLP Admin Guide.

More importantly figure out who you Symantec DLP partner is and work w/ them to help you with this implementation

Jonathan Jesse Practice Principal ITS Partners

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Hello All

I am greatful to Pete & all other professionals who shared a valuable information for my past quries.

Could any one share me a brief outline about Digital Guardian & Desktop Agents of DLP ?