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BSOD Manual removal/fix for teefer2.sys

Created: 23 Apr 2013 | 6 comments

  Running SEP 12.0 on Win7 Pro 64 on a brand new Dell Vostro 2520.  Getting BSOD for

teefer2.sys.  I've seen several references to a 'manual removal' or bypass. 

But none of them actually give the procedure!  For instance - aren't there some "settings

changes" I can do that will bypass the problem (for now)?

  Several say "upgrade to 12.1" but I don't find a way to "upgrade".  Shouldn't a

LiveUpdate bring me up to that level? (It does not.)   Or do I have to buy 12.1?

                                                                                         - thanks ... Jim

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Liveupdate is only for SEP Virus definitions which is released thrice a day . This wont upgrade you SEP Client or SEP manager.

You are entitled to download 12.1 if you are already licensed and this can be downloaded from using you license number which usually starts with M and then alpha numeric numbers.

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There is a tool available with Symantec

"Remove Teefer" is the name, open a case with symantec and you can get this tool and this is an unsupported tool.

Take Registry and other backups of software if you are using this tool to remove teefer 2.

Or you can follow the article below and look for teefer 2 in registry entries as posted in the article and it should be done. Note Teefer is listed with NIC you may have to reinstall the NIC drivers

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Is this a managed or unmanaged version?

You can go to and enter in your serial number to get the latest version.

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All i would say is for temporary solution would be not to install NTP as a feature on this Server for which you will have to create a package without NTP in SEP and then deploy it over . This should remove teefer driver

or remove SEP completely as mentioned in above article and then only install AV AS and PTP feature of SEP on this machine.

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  I'm actually running SBE 12.0.1 of SEP.  Can't find any key/password. 

  Prior versions of SEP did not 'only update virus defs' during LiveUpdate.

It also updated the software from time to time.  And I think 12.0 is the same.

I'm not saying it will change to 12.1 that way ... just that LU does more

than just the virus defs.

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Contact your Sales Representative they will give you the Key to download the Software

The upgrade which you have mentioned through live update is correct howver only happens if the setting is set by SEP administrator to upgrade clients manually.

I personally would recommend to download it first from fileconnect and then upgrade it . You may like to open a webcase with Symantec to get the key number .

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