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BSOD When upgrading SWV with 7.5 SP1 Win7

Created: 11 Jun 2014 | 4 comments
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We are getting some BSOD computers that when I google the sys file that is coming up I see other articles about bsod with older versions on winxp.

Has anyone else started to get bsod's with the new version after SP1?


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Can you share with us the exact operating system version and service pack level that you are experiencing this on, as well as the hardware platform and the bios version. If not a 64 bit system, then let us know that as well.  Does this blue screen occur on boot or during some later operation?

If it happens when loading or running a virtual app, which version of client was the app originally created on?

For any problem to be fixed, the developers need as much information as possible so that they can try and reproduce the crash, so anything else you can think of that might help - please add it to your reply.


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We are running Windows 7 Pro 64bit SP1

It happens upon boot of the workstation.  We are starting to see more prevalant occurances.

We are currently not using any virtual apps so it is just the agent (we had installed it in preparation to start doing virtual apps)


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Please tell us about the hardware, bios version and also any Antivirus software (including version) that you are using. The SWV filter driver loads quite early in the driver sequence, as do antivirus products, and it is possible that there is a low level conflict going on.

Assuming you get this crash most or all of the time, are you able to uninstall your A/V product and see if that makes a difference?  Alternatively, start with just a bare build of Win 7 on your hardware and then add the filter driver and see if that causes the O/S to crash on boot.

It looks like the issue is caused by a combination of factors so if you can spare the time to remove as many variables as possible and start adding stuff back until a crash occurs, it will make it easier for the developers to reproduce and ultimately fix the issue.

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Right now it does appear to be random as to what machines it is happening on.  Mostly our HP 6005 models but not all of them and they are all the same configuration hardware wise, but have had others as well.  Also as far as AV we are on SEP 12.1

Don't have too much free time to get data right now as we are also struggling with other things that are no longer working since the SP1 upgrade we did.  I may open a service call on this once I get some free time.  I'm hoping right now that by disabling the install and upgrade we don't see any more.