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BUE 2012 Duplicate jobs changing from Linked to Standalone?

Created: 07 Jun 2013 | 6 comments

I have a whole series of bakcup jobs for various servers, they are set to backup to disk and then linked to immediately duplicate the sets to tape.

I have now on more than one occasion looked at these jobs to find the 'Run immediately after job compeltes' changed to 'run now'.

Why is this happening? It doesnt matter if I go through them all and link them together again - which I did - they still chage back to Run Now. From what I can see, the tape jobs still duplicate, but BUE2012 has given me enough strife already - the last thing  ineed is it messing with my duplication jobs.

Can anyone chime in on this - is BUE genuinely changing this option? Is it just poor labelling? either way - this really needs a fix for peace of mind.

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Check the Known Issues section to see if this is listed there, and vote it up if so.

Have you made sure that your media server is also fully patched?


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Doesn't appear to be in that ones i;ve looked through so far, there is quite the number of issues though.

The server is set to auto download and install patches as they're released.

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...have you tried to delete the duplicate stage and then recreate it?

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yes of course, I thought perhaps it'd got corrupted during a migration from 2010E3 which was painful enough!

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That seems to be what happens, but that lsits so cause, no solution and the workaround is just to change it back?

Maybe an update should be released to fix this - otherise i;d have to change these every single time.