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BUE 2012 Full and Incremental Question to different media

Created: 30 Dec 2013 | 4 comments

I am using BUE 2012 to backup 5 servers, and my tape libraries are rotated every 3 weeks between 2 sets. I also make quarterly archives. For the most part, this scenerio works well for us. However, there was recently a situation where a user modified a file and it was not noticed for 10 weeks. Unfortunately in this scenerio the file did not exist on a tape that I could recover from. I do not really want to add another library set just to extend the protection period on this one particular directory. What I would like to do it add an external hard disk, configure a BU2Disk, and add an additional backup job to protect this directory.  I am concerned that whenever I run a backup of this directory to the external disk, it will impact the backup jobs to the tape library if the archive bit is reset? I do not see a "copy" backup option, so I am not sure the best way to proceed.


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lmosla's picture

Hello Jim,  

I am not sure I understand the scenario:  

is this directory included in the backup to tape jobs?  If not, couldn't you just include the directory in the selection list for the current jobs?  Are you saying that you want to make a seperate b2d job to backup only this directory? 

pkh's picture

If you want to back up this particular directory to disk then you should exclude this directory from your tape backups then the disk backups will not interfere with the tape backups

Jim Matthews's picture

Thanks for the feedback! It is important that I back up all of the data to tape media, allowing us to keep off site copies for DR. I do not want to change that.

I do want to add an external hard drive and have it protect a directory, lets call it D:\DOCS. I need D:\DOCS to be backed up to the tape media so that it is covered in our DR and having an off-site copy. I also want D:\DOCS to be backed up to a local disc that will always remain available. I would back up to a large enough disk to easily cover 26 weeks, then just have it overwrite as the disk fills up. My plan is to run a full backup of the D:\DOCS to the external drive immediately after a full backup completes to the tapes (in middle of night), then I will run an incremental nightly. My concern is what happens if my nighlty incremental to tapes runs, and then my nightly incremental to the disk runs. Will the backup to disk not see any changes since it was just backed up to tape?

pkh's picture

Yes. This is what will happen. The modified files will not be backed up twice. You should still exclude that directory and create a separate job to back it up to disk. If you want the backup to be on take as well then add a duplicate stage to duplicate it to tape


I have done some tests and the modified files in that directory will not be backed up twice if you are using the archive bit method.  This is to be expected because the archive bit is reset when a backup is done.

However, if you are using the modified time method, then the modified files would be backed up twice.  You would have to use policies and have two select list.  This is not efficient as you are backing up the same data twice.  It is still better to do a backup to disk and then duplicate the disk backup to tape.