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BUG al restaurar una base SQL en otro servidor

Created: 08 May 2012 • Updated: 18 May 2012 | 5 comments

Si trato de restaurar una base de datos a otro servidor SQL especificando explícitamente que la base físicamente sera grabada en otra carpeta distinta a su ubicación general y para ello utilizo el botón para buscar la nueva ubicación, me devuelve un camino UNC que el BE no reconoce.

Esto produce un error.

Si en lugar del camino UNC (\\anvvir34\c$\TEMP) lo cambiamos por un camino local (C:\TEMP) el restore funciona correctamente.

Esto es una falla, pues si me da la opción para que busque la carpeta de destino debería devolverme el camino correcto (c:\temp) o el restore debería aceptar un camino UNC.

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Backup_Exec's picture


There what error do you get ,when you do it other way?



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hmontero's picture

i don´t remember exactly..but some like " you don´t have right to write in the path".

i´ll ask DBA group if we can restore some data to try to get the error.

pkh's picture

I think your UNC path is wrong.  You use


Normally a UNC path should be something like


I don't know why you use a dollar sign ($) instead of a colon (:)

hmontero's picture

When i navigate using the button that allow it...the path returned is in the way showed in the picture..with the $ sign.

So, the BE doesn´t recognize the path, but if i change it to "c:\temp" (like local path) works fine.

The picture i had pasted is real..i only changed the domain part of the path (i put

hmontero's picture

Nobody can answer about this???

Where can i address this issue???