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[BUG] Norton AntiVirus 2011 on Win 7 x64

Created: 06 Sep 2010 | 1 comment


Problem with my Norton AV 2011 on Windows 7 x64.
The product was succesfully installed and updated.
When I start my computer error 1 in module 3043 is returned by NAV, the „intrusion protection“ is disabled, SONAR is disabled and the „product protection“ is also turned off. When I try to enable „intrusion protection“ and SONAR they are not enabled (after returning back to the settings menu they are disabled). When I try to re-enable the „product protection“ error 10057 in module 3040 is returned immediatelly after saving the settings.

This problem appears when the user profile directory (C:\Users) and the program data directory (C:\ProgramData) are moved to a different drive/partition and there are only "directory symbolik links" (mklink /D) to them on C:\
This should not cause problems to NAV as it does not cause any problems to other applications.

1) Create a new partition, say, D:\
2) Boot from Windows installation DVD and go to the repair console.
3) robocopy C:\Users D:\Users /E /ZB /COPYALL /MIR /XJ /V
4) robocopy C:\ProgramData D:\ProgramData /E /ZB /COPYALL /MIR /XJ /V
5) rmdir C:\Users /S /Q
6) rmdir C:\ProgramData /S /Q
7) mklink /D C:\Users D:\Users
8) mklink /D C:\ProgramData D:\ProgramData
9) Restart

You may need to adjust the above commands to reflect drive letters on your system.

Also present in Norton AntiVirus 2010.
When I move the above directories back to C:\ the problems dissapear.

I hope developers read this and will look at this issue. It is quite a serious problem for me and anybody who wants to separate the user data from OS.


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