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[BUG?] Unable to set "Shortcut Deletion" to 0 days - EV 10.0.1

Created: 05 Sep 2012 • Updated: 11 Sep 2012 | 19 comments
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This issue has been solved. See solution.

Hi guys!

Just wondering if I'm the only one to get this issue:

I'm using EV 10.0.1 on Windows Server 2008 R2. I want to create a specify mailbox policy for people, who left the company. That's why I want to set "Shortcut Deletion" to 0 days to clean all shortcuts from archives.

I go edit my policy, set "0 days" for "Shortcut Deletion", applied it and clicked on OK.

When I reopen my policy to verify my setting, I see:

The "Delete shortcuts in folders" setting is unchecked!! If I try with "1 day", it works. "0 days" again and it's unchecked!

I have a colleague of mine facing exactly the same issue. Thus, it might be a bug.

Could someone confirm me this issue and how could i report such bug?

Thank you!

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Yes that need to set it to 1 instead of 0...and report it to Symantec tech Support....i am sure they have an etrack/technote for it already.

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Hi Ksimir,

The following discussion might help:

Thanks and Regards, Backup Exec, BESR, Enterprise Vault

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I personally don't think that discussion will help Ksimir as the discussion was not able to delete orphaned or expired shortcuts that is set to older than 1 day...whereas Ksimir's issue is a bug that existed prior to version 10.0.1. I have seen that since version 8 (possibly EV2007 as well, can't remember now) and I have alos seen it in version 9. I am sure there is an etrack or a technote internally about this bug. By 'bug' it may have been 'worked as design' due to the way the 0 days is defined or something along that line. :-)

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100% by design, the idea being that it you do a zero day shortcut creation, you are wasting CPU cycles when could just as easily as tell EV not to create shortcuts

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I think the policy purpose here is to empty mailboxes for employees that left the company. Shortcuts already exists in mailboxes... that's why he needs to remove them in order to get an empty mailbox on Exchange.

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That makes sense.

So, make a specific leavers archiving policy.

Archive without creating shortcuts, and remove shortcuts older than 1 day.

Thank you, Gertjan, MCSE, MCITP,MCTS, SCS, STS

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It still not explains why it's not possible to set shortcuts deletion to 0 day. By setting 1 day, we will need to wait a day before having an empty mailbox. Saying "by design" is not a solution because "0 day" setting for shortcuts deletion completely makes sense in our case. Moreover, for a leavers policy, "0 day" setting is better than "1 day".

If it's not a bug, it should be considered as a change proposal because actual design doesn't take into account "leavers polcy" case.

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Hello Ksimir,

A change proposal, you can make in the Ideas section of this forum. For your purpose, check this nice tool:

That will do what you want.

In addition, I personally think that what you want is not going to be done. I assume (but I am not a coding person!) this is done to prevent issues with normal archiving policies. If you have a policy that states 'archive everything older than 30 days, and create a shortcut', and then accidentally set the 'delete shortcuts after 0 days', you probably have an issue where EV gets 'conflicting information'.

In our case, we have a policy for leavers too. We archive the mailbox more aggressively, without creating shortcuts. In addition, we have set to delete shortcuts older than 1 day. Experience learns that before a mailbox of a removed user has been archived fully, it takes 2 or 3 scheduled runs. That time allows EV to remove the shortcuts too. The policy within the organization is too disable a user, hide from addresslist, then remove the user/mailbox after 30 days. that works fine.

But, it obviously is up to you to work out a proper way of working. If you enter the suggestion in the Ideas part, Symantec will look at it, and post a comment.

Good luck.

Thank you, Gertjan, MCSE, MCITP,MCTS, SCS, STS

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It's a design decision that I agree with to he honest, because at that point you are literally creating shortcuts just to be deleted 5 minutes later

A smarter leavin policy would be to not create shortcuts and delete shortcuts older than one day, then when you do a run now it will archive items getting them in to EV and deleting it from the mailbox and not creating a shortcut just to go ahead and delete them straight away

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What about existing shortcuts? a user that will leave the company has maybe one year of shortcuts in his mailbox.

I don't think Ksimir creates shorcuts when archiving leavers' mailboxes... he just needs to delete all the existing shortcuts.

Am I wrong?

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Set the policy to 1 day then all existing shortcuts will get deleted after 1 day of the users being in the "Leaver's Policy". if the leaver's policy is set not to create shortcuts then all of the shortcuts would have been eligible by then.

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Agree with Alex, if shortcuts exist in the mailbox they will presumably be older than a day when the user is moved to the leavers provisioning group.  The policy for the leavers shouldn't create shortcuts at all, therefore you end up with an empty mailbox, which is the goal.

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Jesus, I think you don't get what I'm trying to do.

My leavers policy doesn't create any shortcut... I want to delete previously created shortcuts from the mailbox! you know, people used to have shortcuts in their mailbox before they leave...

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In that case then you set the value to 1 day as I mentioned before.

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No, we both get it, but all those shortcuts will be older than a day so setting the Shortcut deletion setting to 1 should be fine.

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Tony, I cannot agree. Symantec cannot not implement a design of a product on a "presumably" principle.

I'm not arguing on what policy to apply. It's obvious that a "1 day" deletion policy will do the work. I'm actually trying to understand why "0 day" setting hasn't been thought, while a real use case exists. Why wait if something could be done immediately?

Think about 2 policies: one which create shortcuts and another one which doesn't create. If I move someone from first policy to the second one, I want the second policy to delete previously created shortcuts immediately: I will need 0 day setting.

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Well, we can agree to disagree. As explained above, you can post an enhancement in the Ideas section to see if others agree with your request.

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I also mentioned to you Ksimir that you need to take this up with Symantec Support. The chances is that they will probably tell the same thing from what we have discussed here on the forum and point you to the Enhancement request link.

If you take it up with support, you can propose your business case studies or your "arguement" if you like and see what their responses are.

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I will submit my idea to Symantec because there's a real business case for it (even if I admit that we could handle it with 1 day setting).

Anyway, thank you all for that debate!