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Is this a bug for vxvm 6.0 ?

Created: 24 Jun 2013 • Updated: 30 Aug 2013 | 1 comment
This issue has been solved. See solution.

When the repstatus for vvr is :

  Replication status:         resync paused due to network disconnection (dcm resynchronization)
I use
>vradmin -g data_dg resync rvg_b
Message from Primary:
VxVM VVR vxrvg INFO V-5-1-16113  SRL to DCM flush is in progress for Rvg rvg_b, resync will start after SRL flush is completed.
I see this is a bug that fix in 
 * 2254626 (Tracking ID: 2202710)                                     

     SYMPTOM: Transactions on Rlink are not allowed during SRL to DCM   

     DESCRIPTION: Present implementation doesn’t allow rlink transaction
     to go through if SRL to DCM flush is in progress. As SRL overflows,
     VVR start reading from SRL and mark the dirty regions in           
     corresponding DCMs of data volumes, it is called SRL to DCM flush. 
     During SRL to DCM flush transactions on rlink is not allowed. Time 
     to complete SRL flush depend on SRL size, it could range from      
     minutes to many hours. If user initiate any transaction on rlink   
     then it will hang until SRL flush completes.                       

     RESOLUTION: Changed the code behavior to allow rlink transaction   
     during SRL flush. Fix stops the SRL flush for transaction to go    
     ahead and restart the flush after transaction completion.          

Is there a patch for VRTSvxvm- 


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Hi James

Yes, this is a bug known and fixed by Symantec.

And it is fixed on 6.0 for SLES 11. You can find it from Veritas Storage Foundation™ Cluster File System High Availability Release Notes 6.0 .

On page 58:


VVR:During SRL to DCM flush, commands should not hang and come out with proper error.

So you don't need to apply any patch upon 6.0GA.