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Building a PC for The first time searchs though all our site servers

Created: 30 Jan 2013 | 2 comments
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We are currently setting up Altiris NS 7.1 and have an win 7 build created with imageX.

When a PC is built for the first time on the same site as the NS server is installed (but is in managed hosts so is known by the NS server) for the first 15 mins it goes around all our site deployment servers trying to contact them (this fails as they are not deployed as yet). If the site servers are powered up it then trys to get the image to install from them and not the original server the job was sent from.

The site servers are in their own Vlans and have a waiting on the connection to simulate a WAN link.

Any ideas would be gratefully received


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The test PC is in a subnet that is assigned to the same site as the NS server, and the NS server is part of that site, and the NS server has the services started and is listed as a PXE server on the PXE Configuration page, but despite all this the test PC tries to find site servers that are not PXE servers yet and are located across WAN links?  Did I get all that right?

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Install Site Servers in the console once they are built and ready for use.

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