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Bulk delete of closed archives.

Created: 31 Oct 2013 • Updated: 21 Oct 2014 | 4 comments
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I've just used archive move to move some archives onto a new vault store and wondered if there was an easier way to delete the original archives which are in a closed status on the old vault store. The only way I can see of doing it currently is to right click and select 'Delete' which is going to be a fairly laborious process for 1200 archives!

All help greatfully received :)


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The support way by Symantec is as you said, right click delete, right click delete, etc.

There is a SQL script which is often discussed on these forums that can do it too.

I think there is even a third party tool which can make life a little easier too .. again discussed often on these forums.

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Hi ,

Deleting the entries from SQL will only remove the entry from Vault Admin Console. It will never remove the metadata means the DVS file from Vault Store partition / Index Data. It will also never make free space on storage. Suppose you deleted the entries from SQL and from VAC it also gone but in future if you want to free space on storage that time you will never get anything to delete those entries becuase when you delete from VAC by right clicking it run some script and some SPs in background and delete all entries / metadata from storage.

Hence it is lengthy process to delete it from VAC but it's good way.

Helpful TechNote : 

Deletion of Vault Archives (Mailbox) and factors which may impact the deletion process in Enterprise Vault (EV) for Microsoft Exchange.



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Ajay, the thing I am suggesting is to update the archive status, which can/will trigger the deletion properly (but it's not supported by Symantec, is all)

Take look here:

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As Rob mentioned, forcing the delete directly from SQL databases is not supported. You might end deleting archives that you really don't need to delete causing a data loss. If you try to delete 1,200 archives at once, you will create a bottleneck in your SQL server and the storage that could cause major issues such as timeouts, performance issues, etc. I'd recommend you to delete these archives in pieces and allow the Enterprise Vault server to delete them.

I hope this helps.

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