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Bulk Restores using EV 9.0.4

Created: 24 Jun 2012 • Updated: 25 Jun 2012 | 7 comments
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Dear Experts,

Just want to check with you if there is a way of performing bulk restore of mail/mailboxes.


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You can use the Export Archive wizard, choose the option to restore to their original mailboxes

About the Export Archive wizard
Article: HOWTO37344  |  Created: 2010-12-24  |  Updated: 2012-06-19  |  Article URL
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Hi Tony,

But the document does not mention about Bulk Export. What I mean by Bulk Export is restoring everything at one go. As far as I have noticed we need to perform the export one by one for all mailboxes.

Please point out the procedure which explains about performing the exports at one go.

Thanks a lot 

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What's the objective? Are you trying to restore everyone's archive to PSTs or mailboxes? How many users do you have? How much data is going to be restored?

As Tony mentioned, the export wizard is your best options, during the wizard selct the option "List all available archives" the choose which archives you want to export or export all in one go.

Have you actually gone through the export wizard and test with a couple users yet? I would recommend you do this first before export everyone in one go.

Just a couple points to bear in mind:

1. Depending on how many archives you are export in one go, make sure that your EV server is able to cope with the work load.

2. If you are exporting to original mailboxes then make sure that the EV server can AND that your exchange server/databases have enough disk space to bear the load. Make sure that quota limits are turned off etc.

3. During the export users will be affected especially if you are export back to their original mailboxes.

Hope that helps.

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The current limit to export archives using the export wizard is 10,000.

The alternative is to use third party tools such as ArchiveShuttle etc.

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Thanks a lot for the information. 

Yes. The scenario is to migrate the mailboxes from one Exchange environment to other which is hosted on Exchna "Unarchive" all mailboxes so that they can perform exchange level migration. we are trying to unarchive all the mailboxes so that they can be migrated. Please suggest.

Anyways I have not been able to test the export wizard by myself.

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I would suggest is restore a batch at a time to the user's original mailboxes, check that their mailboxes have restored successfully. Ensure that no orphane shortcuts and duplicates are in the mailboxes.

Do a search on the mailbox to search for IPM.Note.EnterpriseVault.Shortcut and then deletes them

Run Remove Duplicates (you get this third party software for very cheap online) to remove anu duplicate messages restored to the mailbox.

There is a lot of manual work if you are goping down this route and it will depend on how many mailboxes there are. I would strongly recommend that you test out the Export Wizard function and familarised yourself with it.

If you want less manual work then it is best to go for third party migration tools but this will come at a cost of course.

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Thanks a lot CTEV. We are trying to migrate around 900 users. It looks like the third party tool is the best way of doing it.