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bv-control for exchange configuration-troubleshooting

Created: 07 Mar 2013 | 2 comments
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I have an RMS 10.5.1 installation with bv-controls for Windows, SQL, Unix and Oracle. I then installed bv-Control for Exchange using the installation from the media cach on the server using outlook 2010 with Exchange 2007.

I configured the bv-Contol succesfully (at least it seems to) but some queries gives me errors. For example when i run queries for mailboxes i'm getting connection errors with the exchange and in some other queries i'm getting MAPI logon failed. But some other queries run succesfully.

Then in the CCS console i import Exchange Organization and Exchange Administrator Groups succesfuly. But importing Exchange server was failing so i add it manually first and then imported it succesfully.

Finally i tried to run a collection-evaluation job and always is failing with connection problems which seems to me that are the same with what i'm getting from the RMS queries.

My environment is a lab with a standalone Exchange 2007 and all servers (including CCS/RMS) on the same lan. So for sure there isn't any network issue. Just to mention that the CCS was resenlty updated to version 11 but i'm still using the RMS for collection.

I'm testing this in my lab because i have to do the same in a customer's site with 2 differences. The one is that the Exchange are 2010 and they are a farm and the second is that they are in a separate but trusted domain.

Any help or suggestion since it is the first time that i'm dealing with the bv-Control for Exchange will be much appreciate

Thank you

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Its been a while since I have worked with the bv-Control for Exchange, but until you resolve the issue in RMS, you will not be able to get any data into the Reporting and Analytics.   I am not sure that the exchange product works with Outlook 2010.  you may want to go back to outlook 2003 and see if that solves the issue.   I am not sure what Outlook  2010 does differently, but it may be enough to cause this error.  The documentation for RMS 10.5 for Exchange lists that Outlook 2003 is what is compatible.  This article will possibly give more details:

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1. What is the exact version of CCS RMS and reporting and Analytics you have.
Kindly udpate CCS 10.51 to latest update.

2. What role you have assign on 2007 exchnage org. to CCS RMS service accout you are using for bv-c exchange.
in exchange 2007 Exchange Organization Administrator is requiered.

3. As per technote TECH165181 outlook 2010 is not fully supported. It works with 2003 and 2007 outlook.
4. Outlook should be configured with CCS RMS account on RMS server.
5. if you are usign windows 2008, kindly diable the UAC.

There should nto be any error while running configurationwizard. If config wizard is completed successfully. then should able to run queries and import assets.



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