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bv-Control for UNIX agent support for Red Hat 6??

Created: 19 Apr 2011 | 11 comments
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Does anyone know if the BV UNIX agent supports Red Hat 6 yet or when it will?  Will it support 32 and 64 bit?  Thanks.

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I believe now it is only the following which I saw in the getting started documentation

Red Hat Linux 8.0 and 9.0

I think version 8.X supported version 6 of red hat, though I'm not 100% certain which version it changed (maybe 8.6 to 9.0?)

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Red hat 6 is NOT currently supported; Kevin_K is correct in saying that it is only Red Hat Linux 8.0 and 9.0

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Sorry I meant the version of Red Hat that was released in November of 2010.  RHEL 6.

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The matrix says we can run  checks against an RHEL 6 but for those customers that get very specific it would be nice to confirm both agent and agentless are supported and 32-bit and/or 64-bit.  I will try the install and see if the agent install or not.

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By operating with control target type matrix surely it can help to find solution.

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I believe , if i understand the arch of the product...the CCS portion would use the RMS setup to collect that that it would be supported in both for data collection on either an agent or agentless mode. At worst you can call them to find out if its 32bit and/or 64bit support...sorry but I couldn't find any information on that when I looked

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Yes, starting with the 2011-1 PCU (January 2011), RHEL 6 is a supported target platform (i) via agentless and agent-based  mechanisms, and (ii) on 32-bit and 64-bit systems.

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We are currently at 10.5 2011-01 PCU

According to the Matrix provided all of RHEL 5.0 ES is supported. However anything greater than 5.4 is showing up as an "unclassified" OS version in my data collectors. Further more if I click on the machine properties of a previously registered 5.6 machine the OS level states "Not Supported."

After upgrading to 10.5 we can still register 5.6 versions into the console however none of the machine information is available for us to view. So really quickly is 5.6 supported? If so was logic put in place in 10.X to prevent succesfully registration as we were able to successfully register and use 5.6 in 9.0.1 even with the unclassifie OS versions...





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I don't know the answer to this though if you're looking for a quick answer and this has become an issue you need to troubleshoot you may want to call Symantec support. This is a users forum and while there are Symantec employees that answer from time to time, a support call for an important issue never hurts.

I've seen the "unclassified" OS before on some of our Suse Linux machines and there were some rights that needed to be adjusted ...and for the life of me I cannot recall what they were right now and it probably isn't the same issue you're facing.

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Yes now register BV control oracle to the same agent that has BV control Unix,

Navigate to the directory where the UNIX agent is installed on the UNIX target computer ,in a Ret Hat computer the UNIX agent Installation directory.