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CA or DA which one to use?

Created: 21 Sep 2012 • Updated: 22 Sep 2012 | 5 comments
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We have a situation where a financial organization's compliance department needs to monitor all Trader's email archive and review and see if anyone is trading directly with others outside the organization or voilating any trading policies.

They wold like to ad Active dtirectory OU as monitored / searchable mailboxes so that any new trader joins the company isautomatically added to the monitored employee or search scope. They do not want to give ccess to compliance department for all users within the Org, only the traders.

Which one would be the best suitable product for this CA or DA ?

Many Thanks

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So first question, will you be journaling?  If not, you will need to.  If you already are, how is journaling set up in regards to these traders?  Are they the only ones being journaled?  I ask because if everyone is being journaled to the same journal mailbox/archive then mail will be able to be searched.

Also, do they want to be able to do ongoing random sampling of the mail for the traders?

CA is built to allow the monitoring of a Deptartment like you are asking about and has to ability to provide reports about compliance.  You can run ad-hoc searches with CA and look for hotwords so this might fit your needs nicely.

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Thanks Tony, I think currently Journaling is set to all users. That means we can search for all user's mails? Even though in CA if we setup a specific Set of monitored employees or in DA target specific Archives? 

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So you really need to target a journal mailbox for it to mean anything.  If you depend on the users archive they have plenty of time to delete mail before it gets archived.  Specifying Monitored Employees CA will make sure that you are getting a Random Sample of those users but won't restrict the ability to to search mail in the journal archive.

With DA you can limit it to the users archives, but you aren't guaranteed to be able to search all their mail if you are searching the journal.

What you could do split the traders to their own journal mailbox and have it go to a specific archive.  Then just target that one.

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Thanks Tony! Really Appreciate your help!

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No problem, it can be a bit confusing to get it all set up.  I do know some companies that actually use both CA and DA!  They use CA strictly for monitoring and complaince and if need by they will create a case in DA and apply any holds there.