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Calendar based schedule that span multiple days and exclude dates

Created: 05 Feb 2010 • Updated: 10 Aug 2010 | 4 comments

I have a question on Calendar based schedules that have a window which spans multiple days...

We run fulls on a particular environment every Friday. The window goes from Friday 6pm - Monday 6am. I want to not run these backups on a particular weekend, but would like to run them after midnight on Sunday (ie., Monday at 12:01am).

So my questions are:
Do I exclude the Friday date? Do I need to exclude the Friday, Sat and Sun dates? If,the latter, then is it safe to assume the backups will run after minight Monday am?
"Retry after Run Date" is checked off, but this isn't really a retry...or does NB consider it a retry because of the window.


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If you only want it to run on Monday between 12.01 and 6.00, why do you have the Window open from Friday through Monday?
The start window is strictly that, the window in which the job needs to start. If the job is running but has not completed by the time the window closes, the job will continue to run to completion. If the job is queued and does not start before the window closes, the job will fail with a 196 error.
Try to keep the calendar's start windows' as simple as possible.

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thanks for the reply...but I'm not sure you understood me...

The schedule is working as expected...we want a window that spans the weekend for our fulls since they all kickoff at 6pm on Friday (only Fridays are checked off in the calendar schedule). My question relates to the exclude dates. If I exclude today's date, Saturday and Sunday, the backup will not run. But if my window spans beyond Monday 12am, will it be submitted at that point?
I will find out my answer come Monday morning.

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yes, NBPEM or policy execution manager will ignore the days that you have excluded and attempt to run the job when the window opens.

To be honest, it might be easier to create a new schedule for that particular weekend and exclude the whole weekend on the original schedule.


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The backups were not automatically submitted on Monday, after midnight. It had been my assumption that since the backup window went up until monday 6am, and only Friday, Sat and Sun were excluded, these calendar-based backups would be submitted after midnight. A colleague here begged to differ. He was of the [correct] opinion  that would be the case if the backups were frequency-based and not calendar-based.I guess I didn't have to exclude Sat and Sun.