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calender scheduling

Created: 08 Mar 2013 • Updated: 08 Mar 2013 | 6 comments
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Hi ALL..

I have a request from client to run the backup a 6 in evening to 2 in night(spans midnight) on 10 and 11 march 2013.

I have set the calender schedule.NBU 7.1

My calender schedule spans midnight.i have checked 10 th march in calender dates tab and excluded 11 th march.

My backup will open a new window in this case on 11th?

It is urgent.I have to reply to the customer.

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RamNagalla's picture
below lines from the admin guide will answer your question.. 
A backup window may begin in one day and end in another. If this kind of policy
is scheduled to run each day, NetBackup does not run the job again immediately
after midnight. Instead, even though the window spans into another day,
NetBackup considers it to be one window. NetBackup recognizes that the
administrator’s intention is usually not to have a job run again so soon after the
previous backup.
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But it is only one time req.Not daily.

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You have previously asked calendar scheduling questions and we have previously suggested that you test the theory in practice.

Nagalla has told you what the manual says.
You can now easily test the theory by creating a test policy in your own environment. This is what the rest of us do.....

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One time req of calender spanning midnight will work? 

It is the production environment.If backup runs 2 times ,it will hamper application.

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nothing more..

test it your self....

may be you can try backup up small file even in production...

( a lot of testing can be done even in test.. that all depends how you are doing....and how comfortable you are ...)

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People pay you to give them advice about NetBackup.


People pay YOU to give them advice about NetBackup.

(So is your new game to figure out when I'm not monitoring the board and start new threads?  I'm not amused.) | APPLBN | 761LBN