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Can DLP servers run as VMs?

Created: 07 Feb 2013 • Updated: 07 Feb 2013 | 9 comments
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The number of physical servers depended on the number of your detection server.

You need 1 server to install Oracle and Enforce server. Then, you need 1 server to host the Network Monitor. You can deploy Endpoint Prevent and Endpoint Discover server into 1 physical server. And, you still need 1 server to host the Network Prevent for Email.

So, you will need 4 physical server to host all your available modules on your DLP license.

Can these 4 servers all be virtual machines all on one physical server instead needing 4 physical machines?

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Symantec supports running the following server components on VMware ESX version 3.5 virtual machines instead of dedicated server hardware:

■ Enforce Server
■ Network Discover
■ Network Protect
■ Network Prevent Server (Email)
■ Network Prevent Server (Web)

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oracle has to be on the physical box.Also check the system requirement guide.

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yes netuesr, u can do those servers on VM as  single tier. but in production environment u need oracle DB on physical server rest others u can install on VM.

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We have up to 2 physical servers available and maybe we can offload Oracle to an existing Oracle server managed by DBAs.

Our VM environment is Hyper-V, not VMWare.

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the only servers that have to be physical are network monitor and oracle.

Net user try creating a 2 tier install so that means enforce and oracle are on the same box and network monitor would be your second physical box. I also have included the system requirements.

Symantec_DLP_11.6_System_Requirements_Guide.pdf 903.04 KB
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We do not have VMWare ESX available and there are no plans to purchase it.  So, if it is not supported on Hyper-V, we will not be able to deploy them as VMs.