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Can Endpoint WDE run in VM and decrypt

Created: 15 Feb 2013 • Updated: 16 Feb 2013 | 3 comments
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My Win 8 is very corrupted according to MS tech support, so I need to reinstall the OS. I can log on PGPWDE with no problem at startup, but cannot get decrypt to work, basically because the RDD won't start (tried everything). PGP desktop runs fine and I saved the key (with private) on external media. Since Win is so mangled, even the new Symantec Endpoint WDE won't install since no new installations can access the ProgramData folder (with admin rights).

Given the above, is it possible to install the new Endpoint WDE in a virtual XP machine, then using my key somehow decrypt -- so I can reinstall the OS?

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FYI - I know I can pull the HDD out of the laptop and decrypt on another machine using FireWire transfer to speed up results, but I would rather keep working on the current laptop for now.

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PGP does not yet have Win8 support and is particularly known not to be able to handle WDE.  I don't know the odds of success, but would suggest trying the WDE Recovery CD for decryption.

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Tom, the recovery cd approach worked. First I made the cd by burning ( copying) the bootg.iso file, rebooted and selected F2 to edit the bios to specify boot order to read cd/DVD before hard-disk drive (HDD), rebooted, selected defrag option from the recovery cd, let it start for 30 seconds or so, then killed the power, removed cd and turned on power, and I am in windows with defrag working. Thus, I can now get work done while waiting for total disk defrag so that I can reinstall windows.