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Can EVPM be used to import PST files into a Journal archive?

Created: 11 Jan 2013 • Updated: 22 Jan 2013 | 5 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.

Hi all

Due to a merger with another company I have to import 1.7 TB journal data in form of PST files into a newly created Journal archive. I do not have any CFG files from the export. The Journal archive has no mailbox associated.

Is it possible to import such PST files directly into a Journal archive without having a mailbox enabled with the help of EVPM? I currently use the following INI file for EVPM.

DIRECTORYCOMPUTERNAME=<hostname of EV directory server>
SITENAME=141E8E83F8644EC419DE1B2BCD8DA44B61d10000evjoursitezrh.<our domain>

SERVERCOMPUTERNAME = <hostname of the EV server serving the Journal archive>
PSTLANGUAGE=Western European
RetentionCategory=1686EB642797A1B4AAC98ED5CFE47870B1b10000evjoursitezrh.<our domain>

FILENAME = E:\EVPM\ini\MJ05282012.pst
ArchiveName=<name of the journal archive to import the data>

The INI file is saved in UNICODE format. If I use this INI file with the EV service account I always get the following error...

; Report_Status: PST cannot be migrated
; Report_Error: Error reading PST file. [ E:\EVPM\ini\MJ05282012.pst ]

The PST file itself can be accessed with the same account by opening the PST file with Outlook 2007.

What do I need to add to the INI file to prevent such errors?

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Rob.Wilcox's picture

Well the error there is that it can't read the pst file.

I just created a random PST file and imported it into my journal archive using largely the same setup as you described above.

Does the PST contain envelope journal messages?  Or just regular messages?

GertjanA's picture

make sure that the pst file does not have the 'read-only' property set.

Thank you, Gertjan, MCSE, MCITP,MCTS, SCS, STS

JesusWept3's picture

Not that this has much to do with the issues, but probably best to make sure that you're importing in to a seperate journal archive from your production data.

Also note that it won't be exactly compliant since no DL expansions will be done, you won't be able to determine undisclosed/BCC recipients etc

Your best bet honestly would probably creating a shared archive and importing the PST through the VAC

TonyD2's picture

We had some success ex-merging the items in the PST files directly into the Journal Repository mailbox. The journal process took over from that point and archived the items into the journal archive. I believe this was in V8 so not sure if it would still work or not.

Dani Schwarz's picture

Hi all

Thank you for your input. The PST files were accessable at all the time (no read only flag set). The messages within the PST files were regular messages - no envelope messages.

We now decided to import the data into a shared archive instead of a journal archive. This can be done easily with the VAC. As already mentioned above we do not have the possibility to expand distribution lists as well as recognizing BCC information.

I will now close this forum entry.