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Can I add a task to an existing CM process?

Created: 11 Feb 2014 | 3 comments
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I'd like to add my own custom task to an existing CM process.  Is this possible through a custom workflow?

For example, when a submitted Change ticket is in the "Received" state and is waiting for the "Change Manager Review and Approval" I'd like to give the option to create some new tasks that are assigned to others for a sort of pre-CAB financial approval/review.  I would trigger these through either a ruleset or Process Type Action.

I can see the "Initate CAB Voting" creates some new CAB voting tasks like this later in the process but I'd like to do it earlier with my own custom form and responses that would be recorded into the process history (or perhaps into some custom properties attached to the ticket).

The "Add Task" compnent looks like it might do what I want but I can't quite figure out how to use it,  

Can anyone please advise if this is possible and point me to any examples?

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Yes the Add Task component could be used to generate additional tasks onto a Workflow process. However none of these custom tasks would be taken into consideration to prevent a ServiceDesk process from moving through the flow to completion. This could lead to your custom tasks still sitting in an opened state after the ticket in question has been closed.

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Thanks TGiles.

I'd thought about tasks being left open and figured I'd close them off through another custom workflow triggered by the OnPlanningCompleted ruleset.

Do you know of any example workflows I could look at that show the Add Task component in action?

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Has anyone used the "Add Task" component?  

It requires input types TaskAssignment, TaskResponse,Task and TaskAttributeValue.  I have created TaskAssignments before but the others are new to me and its not obvious what some of their properties should be or if they are needed in this context..  There seems to be no documentation on them.