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Can I convert Master server to media server

Created: 31 Oct 2012 • Updated: 11 Jan 2013 | 5 comments
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I have two master server MasterA and MasterB can I convert MasterB to Media serverA by some commands and changing in config files.

can anyone tell me the steps.

i just follow the following steps but in that case I got EMM server intialization fail.

1] add Server = MasterA server= MasterB and EMM server = MasterA entry in MasterB (bp.conf)

2]then run nbdemm -addhost command on master

3] then add server=MasetrA and server= MasterB in bp.conf of master

but I got the error EMM server intialization fail.

This above steps are right or I missed something.

Thanks in advance..

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revarooo's picture

You can, but what are you going to do with all of MasterB's legacy information (images, storage units, media servers, clients etc)? 

If you have an old master that is not longer used and all images have expired or been migrated, then simply re-install NetBackup software on that media server and specify it as a media server- so much easier and cleaner.

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Do you need to keep catalog on masterB? If so, you need to engage catalog manipulation service provided by Symantec and its authorized partners.

If you don't have to keep it, it is more easier to uninstall and install again.

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What about EMM and image dabases of MasterB?

If you need to merge these databases, you need a Symantec Consulting Partner to assist with merging of databases.

If you do need to merge and you are 100% that you will NEVER need to restore any backups done by MasterB, it is best to uninstall NBU on MasterB.
You need to uninstall in order to completely remove EMM database and prevent the database from trying to start up on this server. Uninstall will also remove the image database.

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Can't agree more to Marianne's post.. especially the part about "uninstall NBU on masterB completely".

I have seen some master being converted to media server (without a reinstall) was having some unexpected issues after running for some time, in particular in a cluster environment.

Yasuhisa Ishikawa's picture


Master server can convert to media server without uninstall for experts, but Marianne suggested that unusrd EMM database still remain on the host so uninstall is needed to remove it.
It is also possible to remove it without uninstall, but it is not docummented. We say it should not be done.

Uninstall and install is most feasible way.

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