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Can I create two DLO profiles to associate with one domain user?

Created: 13 Feb 2013 | 2 comments


           I have DLO 2010R3 for backing up files in users' laptop in my company. The backup selection I created in the profile include the Lotus Note archive file also. Some employees have been working in my company since long time ago and definitely that he/she has his/her a very big email archives in his/her laptop.

           My problem now is these users have a big Lotus Note's archive file in the folder that DLO will back it up and make his/her overall quota is full and cannot be backed up again in the next DLO schedule. So, I have an idea to solve this by separate the DLO profile 1) for backing up general files in users' laptop & 2) for backing up only Lotus Note's archive file only (separated storage location from 1)

           So, is it possible that I can create two DLO profiles to associate with one domain user?

Thank you in advance for your comments.


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Would not be possible. A single profile can be associated with multiple users but not the other way around.

Workaround would be (may not be feasible though)

- exclude the lotus note's archive file from DLO backups.

- setup a backup selection in the profile to backup this archive file & after the completion of the backup, deslect the custom selection. This way the file would be backed up the first time & can again be selected on demand.