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Can I expect the backups to use the Fibre Channel link in this scenario?

Created: 30 Oct 2012 • Updated: 31 Oct 2012 | 9 comments
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We're evaluating a backup scenario using Backup Exec 2012 for a client and we'd like to make sure it's using the intended path. In this scenario, we'd like the backups to use the Fibre Channel link instead of the LAN link.

What kind of configuration would I expect to make in Backup Exec 2012 to make this work?

I've attached the schematic.

Thanks in advance,

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If you set it up as per the TN below and use the SAN Transport method, then yes...backups will run across your SAN:


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Just to add a few details..

Here's what I would do:

1 - Add the vCenter server to the Backup Exec 2012 server list

2 - Create the backup tasks

What I expect is:

1 - vCenter talks to the ESX hosts via the LAN link

2 - the backups are done via the FC link

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...if you can't make your VC the backup server, then the only way to get this done is by licensing the following:

* 1 x BE 2012 Enterprise Server Option (to be installed on your media server)

* Full media server license + any additional agents for the VC. This is the only way that it will access the disk you present to the backup server and backup to it directly across the SAN.

EDIT: You can confirm this licensing with the Symantec licensing department.

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Thanks Greg, that was quick.

by "make your VC the backup server", do you mean "add vCenter to the Backup Exec 2012 backup server list" (just to make sure we're talking about the same thing here since I have to do a bit of translating)?

If so, we should be good, that's the plan.

Also, what about the restores? Since SAN disks are shown as "unknown" and no drive letters are assign, am I right to assume that restores can only go through the LAN link?

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Hi Jean-Sebastien,

No, make the VC the backup server. So you'd ideally do away with your current media server. Not sure if this is an option for you or not?

Not sure about the restores, but since you can backup from the disks across the SAN, you should be able to restore across the SAN.


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Are you suggesting merging the Backup Exec 2012 and vCenter servers into one? It's the current setup, but we'd had contradicting reports on this practice.

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That would be my suggestion, yes. And I've had a server perform multiple roles with no hassles (Domain controller; Exchange; file & print; backup). You obviously don't want to place all your eggs in 1 basket so to speak, but it can be done.

You also ensure you don't need an additional BE media server license + agents for the VC, nor do you require the ESO license!


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You cannot do SAN mode restores as they were proved to be unreliable. The exact cause is not wholly in the Backup Exec/Symantec court and we have been working with VMware to address this. However the timescales for any reliable support of SAN Transport for restore was deemed to be too long so Symantec reluctantly had to disable (remove the option from the product)

This issue did not affect SAN mode AVVI backups which are still supported.

Also ESO/SSO is not needed to do SAN Transport mode VMware backups you just need one AVVI license per ESX host and the vCentre does not have to be the media server although it can be.

P.S. I know your drawing does not show the media server virtualized, please don't be tempted to virtualize it leave it as a physical box as there are limitations on hardware (tape device etc) acces if virtualized.