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Can I install the SEP 11 agent on a machine that is running the Symantec System Center Console?

Created: 31 Mar 2009 • Updated: 23 May 2010 | 4 comments

Please forgive me if this has been posted already.  And after you forgive, please tell me where it is.

I'm a little frustrated with the search options.

We are rolling out SEP 11 agents, but don't dare to on those workstation that have the Symantec System Center Console installed.  This is the console that is managing SAV 9 and 10 clients as we migrate over.

I can't remember is there was an issue with SEP trying to remove the console component or something?

Can I remove the console, install the SEP Client then reinstall the old console?

Or do I just have to wait until the very last machine is moved over?


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Symantec System Center is just the console to connect to the AV server and manage clients and policies. You can have SEP11 and SSC on one machine, just for the time of SEP installation you will need to remove SSC. After SEP installation you can install SSC again.

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The issue was if you upgraded SAV, you also needed to remove and reinstall the console so shared files matched.
You actually must remove the console to install SEP - SEP attempts to upgrade and in the process remove SAV and the console.
Two computers here running the console could not be upgraded until SAV and console were uninstalled.
So uninstall the console and SAV, install SEP and go from there.

Some further thoughts............
Honestly/personally, I'd keep SAV and the console on that one parent machine until you don't need the console.
Also - did you know - you can run the SAV console from ANY computer?? You might choose a low-risk computer and leave it SAV/console until your SAV is all finished.

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That is part of our issue.  We have several computers running the SAV console, but we need to update them to the SEP 11 client.  I knew the SEP 11 install was going to mess up the SAV remote console, but I didn't know if reinstalling the SAV remote console would mess up the SEP 11 install.  In other words, I didn't know if the two products would be compatible, shared files....etc...

Thanks for the information.  That helps a lot.

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All this makes me think that whether there is a genuine need for the SEP to check for the presence of SSC if everything works well after the SSC install over SEP? Very strange.

De facto when AV does something, it starts jumping up and down, waving its arms, and shouting...

"Hey!  I found a virus!  Look at me!  I'm soooo goooood!"