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Can I run just the clients, no SEPM?

Created: 04 Jan 2008 • Updated: 25 May 2010 | 4 comments

    Our company updated to Endpoint, even though our current server is way underpowered, and I need to be sure I can run just the client SEP on all my workstations and server. And are there any pitfalls I should watch out for.

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Yes you can, but you should consider some of the side effects of this.
Each individual SEP install will be an unmanaged standalone.  You are going to have a difficult and painstaking time getting them all set up with the settings that you want, including exceptions.
Each will be pulling updates from Symantec on it's own.  Depending on your companys WAN speed and the number of installs, this could cause some intermittent bandwidth issues.
Finally, you'll have to roll your own means of auditing the installs.  Otherwise you won't be able to tell if each is updating properly and they are all getting and installing the most recent defs.
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I think you should consider how many clients you have or will be having in the future. Managing more than 20 clients will be much more effective using the SEPM (manager) using a dedicated server. I recommend you getting a VMWARE installed in your server so SEPM can be installed seperately so it doesnt really bother your real server processes. I have done this to our company and it works fantastic.
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Hi Everyone,
I agree with lautamas . Running in the virtual enviroment is way too cool than the actual enviroment. In my test labs I've install the SEPM in 512MB VMWare VPC and it's performance is much better than P4 IBM server I'm using in the office enviroment. Apart from that please note to create enough space instially in the virtual PC, SEPM is known for HDD space consuption very quickly.
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    Thanks clarify though, we are way to small to be bothering with this level protection and management. 1 server 7 clients, and with a sql database going on as well. I can manage all of the systems from two rooms at work so its no problem doing independent updates and checks. Im ditching SEPM due to server limits...and the fact my boss will never let me level up our infrastructure. Any other 'watch outs' would be appreciated.