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can I use bare metal disaster recovery without selecting all data on local drives?

Created: 25 Jun 2013 | 8 comments
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I notice that on a backup job properites in order to have the "simplified disaster recovery" option ON (green), I need to select all file and folders on my server's local drives.

What happens if I don't want to backup all the data, as there are some folders I really like to skip to save space?

Will I not be able at all to restore the server using SDR cd?

Or maybe I can still use it to restore only the data that was backed up?

Many thanks


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You need to select all the required components (System Drive, System state and all the dependencies) to make the SDR light green. The light would stay green even if you are not selecting the data drives if there is no dependency there.

Such backups with SDR light on would be restored using the SDR CD. However, you will need to manually restore all the other data if you hyave backed it up seperately.

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Depending on how applications are installed in the server it can be possible to deselect some drives without turning off the SSP green status indicator - typically what MUST be selected is C: and System State, however if a service starts from another drive then it is likely that other drive will also be needed

No green indicator does mean no ability to use SDR or P2V/B2V processes - this however does not stop you restoring data, just means you have to install the operating system and a remote agent first and then restore the data.

BTW in term of Backup Exec and SDR, Bare Metal Recovery only means a bootable operating system, it does not mean a database installed inside the operating system won't need a secondary restore process after the server has been started.

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Thanks for the answers.

I checked again, and you must select the whole of each local drive, not just C, if you remove one tick from d: also if it is just an empty folder, the green light disappears.

I can't see the logic in it.

So because I need to save some space in my backup I can't use the SDR system at all?

And probably can't even use the feature of restoring to dissimilar hardware.

Please advise


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BE has no way of knowing whether the excluded file/folder is crucial to the recovery of the server.  Suppose this rule of all or no SDR is not enforced and a user excluded the Windows directory from the backup,  the recovery of his server will fail and BE (Symantec) will be blamed for the failure.

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If you want to save space on backups then look at Deduplication (although of course this only saves space for disk storage)

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Thank you Imosla for this link, I am not sure where is this registry entrance, on the media server or the target server?

I wish that there was an easier way to do it, as most people got some folders that can be excluded on local drives.

PKH, I think BE can let the administrator decide, if they want to protect their liability then they can add a warning. This all talk about BE will be blamed, therefore we are excluding this option altogether, is very immature.


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It can get a bit frustrating at time. However, if you feel that you know exactly what it needed to protect the server, you could still use the traditional method of Backups and restores for disaster recovery. 

For using SDR, you might have to backup a few extra folders sometimes as it uses its own internal dependency checker to try and acertain if a perticular drive or resource is required for the recovery.