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Can I use catalogue for 11d in 10 d??

Created: 31 Oct 2012 | 9 comments

Hello Champs,

I have a server with 10 d version .For a trial period I used 11d but now its expired and i can not restore any data from this.

Can I import the catalogues from 11d to 10 d and use the same.??..I tried it but did not worked.

Any solutions??

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Not sure if this is entirely possible as there would be changes (major or slight, doesn't matter) between the 2 versions. It's not an in-version change...

If it hasn't worked, then simply put the tape into the drive and catalog it. This will add it to the current media server's BEDB and your data should be available for restore.


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Catalogs format has changed since version 11d. So it may or may not work.

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11D almost certainly underwent changes to the catalogs as that is when we introduced GRT for Exchange etc.

Normally we allow backwards compatibility (so 10D catalogs would be readable by 11D) however forwards compatibility (11D catalogs read by 10D) is not something we would design into the product.

Have you tried cataloging the backup media itself with the option to use media based catalogs disabled as 10D might be able to create its own catalogs from the data. (although possibly not if GRT of e-mail was part of the job)

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I tried cataloguing on 10d but the backup exec asks for 2nd tape then third and then gets failed.

(The backup was spanned in 3 DLT tapes).

Tried moving it to scracth media and rebuild the catlogue index using catrebuildindex -r but no luck.

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Yes, I did unchecked the option to use storage based catalogue..

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...if you have another server, install BE 11d on that and then try getting the data off tape this way.

Otherwise buy licenses for BE 11d...and this is why you never use a trial license in a production environment yes

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So, does that mean , I can not catalogue the tapes written by11d on 10d using other server.

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Backup Exec is backword compatible, so if the tapes were backed up using BE 11d they can be read by BE 12, 12.5, 2010 and 2012

However, if there are any changes made to the catalog process (correctly mentioned by Amol and Colin) it is never ported backwards. So yes, you will not be able to read the catalogues of the tapes written on 11d using a 10d server.

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Thanks Jay and All for responses...

I will forward and request to my managment for buying licenses for 2012..:-)