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Can I use SEP SBE on Virtual Servers?

Created: 14 Mar 2013 • Updated: 18 Mar 2013 | 4 comments

I'm looking for clarification and confirmation whether if I can or cannot use SEP SBE 2013 on virtualized Windows server 2008R2.

Currently running SEP11 but would like to move onto SEP SBE 2013 for the Cloud option but I came across the following blurb:

Businesses using Symantec Endpoint Protection who are not using enterprise-grade features (application control or virtualization) and would benefit from a solution built for small and medium sized businesses should considering switching to Symantec Endpoint Protection Small Business Edition 2013.

from here:

I know SEP 12 is optimized for virtualized environment as per Symantec's literature, but I only need 30 users and rather not run SEP in house.


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Hi, you can use SEP SBE 2013 on virtualized Windows server 2008R2

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Look this

More info you can contact support

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It would be nice to have a more clear answer to this question

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Hi there,

Further to your query - if you choose the cloud deployment option in relation to your SEP SBE 2013 installation, then no, it will not support cloning/imaging, but it will support Virtualisation.

Each install of the SEP agent is represented in the .cloud portal by the machine name, however this machine is tied to a unique GUID on the back-end system. However, when a machine is cloned or imaged with the install present, the GUID remains the same. This means that - although the install will remain on the cloned entity, it will not show in the portal. This also means it will not receive any future updates or daily virus definitions.

As such, if you want to install on a cloned machine or a virtual machine - always clone the machine first, and THEN install the SEP SBE 2013 agent :)

I hope this helps :)

- FP