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Can I/O fencing disk be cloned?

Created: 27 Feb 2014 • Updated: 09 Apr 2014 | 5 comments
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we are trying to do a storage migration which is runnig SFRAC.

so our disks are including oracle data disks and 3 I/O fencing disks.

my question is can we use storage cloned(hardware replication) to do the storage migration?

I know data disk can be cloned to new storage without problem, but fencing disk I am not sure.

Does anyone know I/O fencing disk also can be cloned ?



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Hi Allen,

You may want to follow the below links :

Best Regards,


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hi Novonil,

Thanks for your answer.

for your second link I think will be easier to use vxfenswap utility, right?

so hardware cloned fencing disk is not recommend?


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hi Novonil,

Thanks for yor answer.

for your second link I think would be easier using vxfenswap right?

so hardware colone fencing disk is not recommend?


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I would agree that it would be easier to use vxfenswap & this setup I have seen in common comparing to hardware clone.


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Hi Yin,

Yes, we do not recommend replicating the coordinator disks or using them on more than one cluster.  The SCSI3-PGR keys are for access to a single cluster and the data disks.  Cloning them or replicating them would not be useful as the SCSI3 keys are stored on the array.  If data disks are being replicated to a new cluster at a seperate location, it is best to setup a new cluster with their own seperate (not replicated) coordinator disks.