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Can Make Windows PE Boot Disk, but Can't Send Tasks To Machine

Created: 22 Nov 2013 | 2 comments

So we have a corrupt hard drive that will not boot to Windows.  I want to PXE boot it to PE to send an image, but that does not work.

I created a boot usb using the Boot Disk Creator, and it WILL boot into WinPE 2.1, but I cannot send any tasks.  It appears I have a good network connection, but when I send a task to deploy an image, it just sits and sits and sits.

On the terminal that comes up in PE, I have:

Initializing Windows PE2...

Loading drivers...

Locating boot drive...

   Found boot drive F:\ in registry: CurrentControlSet.

Calling custom actions...

Startup complete.


Usually it will test and make a network connection on regular computers,  It just stops here.

Operating Systems:

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does the client successfully register to server? Just check the logs in x:\program files\altiris\altiris agent\logs. Is the client able to resolve dns name of server and able to ping?


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There are a number of possible factors here that would need to be tested, including the one mentioned by MD above.  You may want to call support for assistance in creating a job and troubleshooting agent communications.

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