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can the NBU catalog to be backed up partially?

Created: 06 Sep 2012 | 4 comments

We are testing the NBU catalog DR recovery. I am wondering if the catalog can be backed up selectively and restored successfully since our entire catalog is in 500GB size. we just want to test the NBU catalog can be recovered into a new NBU server which named as same, we don't need to recover the entire catalog.

we are on

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The NBU catalog consists of 3 parts

  • image database.

  • relational database files.

  • configuration files.

The image database is the typically the largest portion and contains information about the data that has been backed up.

You can do a  full recovery of all 3 parts or you can recovery of the relational database files and configuration files.

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If you only want to test some restores you could just copy across the files and directories for the given client.

/usr/openv/netbackup/db/<client name>

This would allow restores only.  Make sure you physically write protect any tapes you take across.

This won;t work on NBU 7.5 (it can be done, but there are some extra steps).


Regards,  Martin
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Thanks for replay. This is a good idea. We are on when we backup the catalog, can we exclude out the catalog image database? I couldn't figure out if we can do it. Please provide the details.

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NO. you cannot exclude image catalog.

This is what allows you to browse for client files and folders in order to perform restores.

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