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Can not restore from old media

Created: 24 Nov 2009 • Updated: 21 May 2010 | 15 comments
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We recently retired our LTO2 media and robot and moved on to LTO3. We now need to perform a restore from an LTO2 tape, but it fails each try to do so. I am guessing its because the LTO2 robot no longer exists.

What change do I need to make to allow Netbackup 6.5.4 (Windows) to know to make the restore using the LTO3 robot? I already tried changing the media owner to the new host, but still no go.


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J.H Is gone's picture

When you had the LTO2 tapes in the old library - what was your Media Type HCART2????

And now you have a library with LTO3 tape drives - so most likely you have set those tape drives up as HCART3  - yes??

So if NB and your library know which tapes are LTO2 (HCART2) and which are LTO3(HCART3)  then it will have an issue .....

when you want to use an HCART2 you have to have an HCART2 tape drive  -

Easy fix.....

If you are going to be slowing getting rid of your LTO2 tapes and just use them for restores, then just change one of your LTO3 tape drives from HCART3 to HCART2  (yes LTO3 tape drives can read LTO2 tapes)

Once you have a tape drive type that matches the Media type it will load the tape and do the restore.

I don't have to know how to spell....I work on Unix.
NetBackup 7.0.1 - AIX & Windows

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Thank you for your reply, that makes perfect sense.

I am still running in to one last issue. I change one of my drives from LTO3 back to LTO2 no problem. The issue is, that when I put the LTO2 tape in to the robot, it is coming up with the incorrect media ID and the density is showing 'dlt' rather than hcart2.

I think there is a command line entry I can use to fix this. I tried changing the media barcode rules on the robot before entering the tape, but that did not help either.

Basicaly, when the LTO2 drive existed we used 3:4:5:6:7:8 and we now use 1:2:3:4:5:6. So the robot is seeing this tape as brand new, and not the tape I need for the restore.

Any ideas how change the media id of this tape so that it matches, or to have netbackup properly identify it as such? I have an open ticket with them, but so far they have not been any help.

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ensure these are properly set
Media ID Generation - 3:4:5:6:7:8
Barcode Rules - Media Type = 1/2" cartridge tape 2

they can be found under Inventory Robot, Update Volume configration, Advanced Options

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if the new library is reading different elements of the barcode ........

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 Using barcode Rules I am able to have the tape register as an hcart2, although even with using the media id generation, it refuses to read the barcode correctly to match the tape I need. It always changes it back to 1:2:3:4:5:6 (What the hcart3 tapes are like).

Therefore I am getting the following:

Needed tape for restore c123L2 (abc123L2)
Tape in robot: abc123 (abc123L2)

If that makes sense. Yes in the passed I would use media id generation to minipulate the barcode, but it does not seem to want to take this time around.

Andy Welburn's picture

that the new library is reading all 8 characters of the barcode or just the first 6?

If it is only reading the first 6 I can't see how the media_id generation will work to create a media_id using the last 6 of an 8 character barcode.


If that is the case then maybe another option would be to manually add/create the volume thru' the GUI? But not sure how this would affect the ability to restore.

Only other option I can think of at moment would be to treat it as 'alien' to your environment & import it as such.

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Good call. It does appear that this robot is only sending Netbackup the first 6 digits and not the media identifier (L2, L3, etc).  I wonder if there is a setting on this robot that will allow it to send all 8 digits. I will investigate that.

I will also try adding new media from the gui. See if it works.


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on the library, but beware if you change this then you could end up in a similar situation with your LTO3 tapes - you would have to check your barcode rules/media_id generation is enforced for these also.

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I can get it to register as an LTO2 now, although the media id is still incorrect. Changing the rules still will not take. 

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It's straightforward. Just remember to revert it back to HCART3 once you've finished, otherwise it will never get used for backups only HCART2 restores!

Just for info, HCART/HCART2/HCART3 etc are essentially just labels that NB can utilise to distinguish between different types of media/drives - so if you wanted to be really awkward you could have a library with LTO2s set up as HCART3 & LTO3s as HCART2. :D

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the vmchange command will allow you to change the barcode, but not change the media id and his media id has to match the label written to the tape for the restore to work.

The only think I can think of  - is to remove your current barcode rule for the lto3 tapes.
but in the rule so this tape will be labeled as 123456,  eject the tape then put it in again.

you would then be able to change the barcodes rules back,

anybody else got an idea on how to just change the media id?

I don't have to know how to spell....I work on Unix.
NetBackup 7.0.1 - AIX & Windows

Andy Welburn's picture

robtest tape to specific slot & vmphyinv that slot?

Sorry, just throwing ideas around here.

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First, note the slot the tape is in, then delete the volume in question and run

a) Add Volumes
answer the prompts appropriately

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 Ok, here is what resolved this issue:

1) I had to run <Install Path>\Netbackup\Volmgr\Bin\
vmchange -m <existing 6 char media id> -barcode <6 character barcode that the robot is assigning>

* This will tell the robot to give it the media id of my choice when I enter it. This way it will match what is needed for the restore. This is required if the media ID is actualy different then the robot is assigning to it and is not needed if its the same. Media ID generation rules do NOT apply.

2) Change one of the drives to the proper density to support the restore. AKA change one over to 1/2" hcart2 cartridge.

3) Create a new storage device and link it to this hcart2 drive. this is used to act as a virtual robot to control the drive.
This can be done from the Netbackup admin console by going to Storage > Storage Units - Create new

Make sure the settings line up with the robot that contains the hcart2 device you just changed.

4) Verify in the master server and media server properties from insidethe  Netbackup admin console under the general server option, that the backup and restore server information is correct. This will allow a server to perform the restore although it did not perform the backup. Does not apply to everyone.

5) perform the restore as usual

6) Remove the virtual controller you created in step 3. Set the drive back to its original density ... opposite of step 2.

I hope this helps others...

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Thanks for that.  Seems like I've used it before but since forgotten.
Don't recall ever having to do 3) Create a new storage device, though!

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