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can not see any IBM WebSphere event in events view

Created: 05 Mar 2013 • Updated: 06 Mar 2013 | 2 comments
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This issue has been solved. See solution.

Our SSIM server is version 4.7.4

We have installed the [Symantec Event Collector for IBM WebSphere Application Server v6 3.5] and SSIM Agent on Windows server 2003.

We also add the collector sensor on SSIM client.

But we can not see any IBM WebSphere event in events view.

We also found the IBM WebSphere collector didn't show the green icon in the System Visualizer.

Anybody knows how to troubleshooting it?

The Event Agent show that it is normal.

Symantec Event Agent (v - Copyright(c) 2002-2011 - Symant
Symantec Event Agent status: running
Listening on:
Sending on Port: 443
SSIM Server URL: https://ssim:443/sesa/servlet/
Outbound Thread State: CONNECTED
Java Version 1.6.0_22

Queue Status
  Total events accepted: 7760
  Total events forwarded: 7756
  Entries waiting in queue: 4
  Queue File: .\QueueFiles\filequeue.1362546833737.que
  Flush Size (KB): 2000
  Flush Count: 512
  Flush Time (sec): 4
  Spool Size (KB): 20000
  Max Queue Size (KB): 80000

HTTP forwarding statistics:
  Total number of HTTP post failures: 0

Operating Systems:

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Could you provide collector log instead of agent status?
Are there any errors or warnings?

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Thank you very much.

I have resolved the issue.

I just want to use Universal File Log Collector to handle this case.

So  I installed  Universal File Log Collector.

After I finished the collector installation,and the IBM WebSphere Collector sent the log to SSIM successfully.

Maybe it update some component.