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Can PGP WDE be used with existing BootCamp installations?

Created: 25 Jan 2012 | 4 comments

I currently use FileVault 2 for Mac OS X users and TrueCrypt for Windows users, but I now have several users who run BootCamp on their Macs. Based on what I have found, and from talking to people from Apple, PGP WDE for Mac is the only product on the market supporting whole disk encryption for BootCamp volumes. 

I read the article on how to install PGP WDE under BootCamp, but those directions only cover setting up a new BootCamp installation. Since these users are already up and running with BootCamp (and don't want to wipe and rebuild their Windows environments) I'm not sure how best to install the product. 

I tried calling tech support but they were resolutely unwilling to address a question from someone who had not bought the product yet. 

Is there a way for me to install PGP WDE without wiping out these BootCamp partitions?

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FileVault2 is not compatible with PGP WDE. But if you disable filevault then it is possible to use PGP WDE on an existing bootcamp installation. What you need to do is:

1) Install PGP WDE/Desktop on Mac OSX first (I would make sure that it's 10.2 MP2 or newer for compatability reasons)

2) Boot into the Windows bootcamp partition and install PGP Desktop/WDE 10.2 MP2 or newer there as well (it has to be the same version/build number as the one in Mac OSX)

3) Reboot into the Mac OSX side

4) Encrypt the whole disk in Mac OSX

5) This will encrypt the mac and the windows partititions

6) It will add bootguard into the process for the Mac OS X and the Windows partitions so that you will be prompted for authentication to the disk when you boot either partition

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One last thing of note in here, anytime you upgrade your PGP Desktop version in Mac OSX you will need to boot into Windows and update it there at the same time. Otherwise you could run into a situation where one side or the other won't boot.

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Thank you for the information. It would be great if it tech note could be updated to mention this as well. I spent several hours on the phone with Symantec this morning trying to reach a tech support person to ask about this (I was ultimately unsuccessful in reaching anyone).

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That is a good suggestion, I think that it states this in our boot camp guide. But I have added it to the existing technote articles as well.

NOTICE: If at any time you upgrade the PGP Desktop version installed in one of your operating systems (Windows or Mac OS) of a system with Boot Camp installed and that is PGP Whole Disk Encrypted. You need to be sure to boot into the other partion and upgrade the PGP Desktop installation there as well. Those versions of PGP Desktop need to be consistent among boot partitions. This is because the Windows installer and PGP Desktop installation takes care of updating the Bootguard data for the Windows partition and the Mac OS X installer and PGP Desktop installation updates the Bootguard data for the Mac OS X partition.

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