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Can the Service Desk Implementation Guide include details of what is the Quarantine Folder (IMAP) setting for?

Created: 18 Jan 2013 | 4 comments
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Dear Symantec,

I am doing an implementation of Service Desk 7.5 and the Installer and the Implementation guide does not say what the "Quarantine Folder (IMAP)" field means and does. All it says is, "(IMAP only) Lets you type the folder name in which to put quarantined emails."

What does "quarantined emails" mean? Are these emails that have an illegitimate structure? Are these emails that have been converted into Incidents? What format must I enter this value as?

Furthermore, if I do not enter anything into this field, what does this mean?

Lastly, this field in the installer has no validation and no enforcement that I fill anything in, so am I breaking Service Desk later on?

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I think "quarantined emails" are just emails that email monitoring has a "problem" with and can't process. If you specify a folder, the mails get moved to the folder you specify so you can browse them easier (and perhaps determine what the issue with the email is)

This will NOT break things later on. Like other install fields, you're basically just populating profile properties. If you want to change this later on, you just modify the appropriate value in ProcessManager after install.

And if it's not a required field, you're not going to be breaking anything by putting nothing in there. In this case, you're basically not specifying a quarantine folder to dump problem emails in for the Email Monitoring project. I'm 99% certaing the way EmailMonitoring works is it checks if the QuarantineFolder variable has value, and if so, it moves it to that folder on quarantine.

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QuietLeni has added the following information via PM

The idea was for the following things to be updated:

1) The documentation to be fixed to include what the Quarantine Folder is for.
2) What format should the Quarantine Folder (IMAP) field be in the installer?
3) Can the Quarantine Folder (IMAP) field in the installer please be fixed to include a check in the IMAP email system that it exists and is in the correct format?


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The Symantec ServiceDesk 7.5 Implementation Guide has been updated.

The Installing the Workflow Platform and the ServiceDesk modules instruction has been updated and now contains the following information about the Quarantine Folder:

Step 5: To install the ServiceDesk modules

11.  In the Inbound Mail Settings section, specify the settings for the Inbox monitor tool.

Quarantine Folder (IMAP)

(IMAP protocol only) Lets you type the folder name where ServiceDesk places unprocessed emails when the IMAP protocol is used.

For example, <UnprocessedInboundEmails>

If an error occurs while ServiceDesk processes an inbound email, the email is removed from the monitored inbox and moved to the specified folder.

If you do not provide a name for the folder, ServiceDesk (SD.Email.Monitor Project) continues to process the error-prone email. Each time the email is processed, an error occurs, and email notifications are sent. This routine continues until either the message gets processed or it is manually deleted from the inbox.

Kindest Regards,



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Thanks CNWilliams!

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