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Can SSC download definition deltas from LUA?

Created: 14 Jun 2013 | 6 comments

Hi All,

I have a mixed environment of SAV10.x, SEP 11.x and SEP 12.x. I also have LiveUpdate Admin downloading updates for clients. All Windows machines.
My question: Is there a setting in Symantec System Center (for SAV10 clients), or LUA, to allow SSC to download delta updates from LUA, instead of full definitions every time?

Please don't suggest to update. We are in the process  of migrating away from SAV10, but until this is complete, I still need to provide definition updates to clients.

Thanks in advance.

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It will only provide to SEPM/SEP

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I have an LUA set up, downloading, and publishing SAV10 definitions. Symantec System Center servers go to this LUA to get their definitions, and distribute to their clients.

So it not only works with SEPM/SEP, but also other Symantec products as well, including Symantec AV 9/10.

Wireshark captures show SSC and clients getting full definition packages of about 250MB. I would like to know if there is a way to set SSC, or set LUA to distribute definition deltas to SSC, similar to the way SEPM distributes deltas to GUP and clients.

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Hi Mike,

The delta technology that most forum members are familiar with was introduced with SEP 11.  With SAV 10, there was one certfiied set of definitions released every day.

If you have "Avenge MicroDefs25 SavCorp10 Virus Definitions" checked in your download schedule, you're most likely getting the right defs for old SAV 10.1 (as long as they continue to be posted- they can be discontinued at any time without further warning.  This product is long since EOL'ed.).  Make sure that you don't have any OEM defs or IA64 defs configured, unless you have special OEM clients or Itanium computers. I'm afraid I have no idea what the current download size is for SAV is, either from SSC or LUA as the only SAV clients I have is SAV for Linux (SAVFL).

These articles may be of interest:

Managing LiveUpdate Administrator 2.x Space Usage

How Big are Current Symantec Endpoint Protection Definitions?

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Hope this helps!


With thanks and best regards,


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Thanks for the comment. Since I wasn't as sure of the config with SAV as I was with SEP, I did check off practically everything - including OEM and IA64. Instead of starting small and working up, I started big and now starting to minimize. Although as a single function box, there are no constraints in what's getting downloaded. Plenty of CPU, RAM and HD to accomodate.


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Just a reminder to anyone still using SAV: please do upgrade to SEP as soon as possible.  That product is no longer supported.  New definitions have been released for SAV 10.x long after support ended, in order to allow admins ample time to migrate.  These are just a courtesy and can be discontinued at any time.

Please do act now in order to remain protected!

With thanks and best regards,