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Can Symantec Backup exec upload an offsite backup.

Created: 14 Apr 2013 | 1 comment
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Hi Everyone

I need to know if Backup exec can do an offsite backup and then i take this backup to my datacenter and upload it on a backup server using backup exec 2012. The I need to test this backup once a week.

Please note that the Backup server in the datacenter must be able to do mulaple customer's backups. I am talkin about hosting and testing these backups for  about 30 customers.

What this means is that the customers will all be different , Mines, stores etc that will be backedup on the local server using backup exec 2012. Then an off-site copy will be taken to the DataCenter. 1 Server running backupexec 2012 with enough storage to host these backups and test them. WHile the customer will do incremental backups over the internet

Urgent solution needed.

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If you have media servers at your remote locations, then the easiest solution would be to use the dedup option at all locations.  You do the backups at the remote location and then use optimised duplication to duplicate your backups to the main site.  This way you would minimise the bandwidth requirements for your WAN links.

You would also need the CASO option.  This means that you got to get the ESO (Enterprise Server Option) which includes both dedup and CASO.

See this on how to set up your private cloud.

Backup Exec Private Cloud Services Planning and Deployment Guide