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Can a tape drive on a remote server be used if Veritas resides on a different server?

Created: 20 Mar 2008 • Updated: 21 May 2010 | 2 comments
I already have Veritas version 9.1 running on a server using an internal tape drive and also an external tape drive. I would like to include a new server into our backup cycle. Question is, do I require a new copy of Veritas on the new server or can I use our existing copy to backup the remote server using a tape drive attached to the new server? I know I can daisy chain tape drives on the existing server where Veritas already resides but if I did this would it affect backup performance?

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Backup Exec can only use a locally-attached tape drive, so if you have two tape drives on different servers, you'll need two copies of Backup Exec.
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but if I did this would it affect backup performance?
probably not - or at least not much.  Only two tape drives even if they share a controller probably won't make much difference in throughput, unless your network becomes the bottle neck
For example,  years ago, I ran 6 DLT7000s on three dedicated SCSI channels (ie two to a channel) backing up data over a switched 100Mb network with very little difference in throughput between all six and only two running at once (media server was a Proliant  PII/400 with 640 MB RAM running NT4)  This was a dedicated media server, nothing else was installed on it.

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