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Can a user have mutliple archives in EV9?

Created: 22 Feb 2013 • Updated: 28 Feb 2013 | 4 comments
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Hi all, I have a user (a partner in a remote office, so not someone I can easily reject this request)

she is insisting that her deleted items folder be deleted from her Vault. We have explored other

avenues such as is there a way of just hiding the Folder from view of

the user, but I'm led to believe this is not possible

The backend storage we use is Centera and is in Governance mode,

which prevents items from being deleted. So the business have asked

that we give her a new blank Vault. I will then export her Old Vault

into PST files and remove her deleted items and then import this back

into her New Vault.

All good in principle, but I don't really know if this is possible or how to go aboput deploying it

Can anyoine give me some pointers?

EV 9

Exchange 2003

Server 2003

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AndrewB's picture

what about this? disable the archive, export to pst, delete the archive, re-enable the mailbox for archiving, import the pst

if you cant delete the archive then when you reenable the mailbox for archiving what you do is click the button called "deselect archive" and instead of reassociating the mailbox with the old archive, it will create a new one.

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JesusWept3's picture

I think it really comes down to a user education bit at this point, because whats to say that she won't just end up having the same issue later where she insists deleted items be deleted? you have a centera in governance mode which is there for an absolute reason.

And if you use discovery accelerator and they end up doing searches, she's going to have duplicates all over the place, plus when you re-import the PST files, you're now going to have more items that will take even longer to expire

and even if you did create a second archive, she will still see her old archive and the deleted items etc...

But if i absolutely had to do it, i would probably zap the mailbox to remove all the hidden messages and that would set her to be a "new mailbox", delete the ExchangeMailboxEntry record for her, rename the old archive to something like "OLD-Archive [usersname]" and then run provisioning then re-enable the user....

That in theory should create a new archive for her

casini's picture

Good morning folks, hope you had a good weekend. Thank you for your replies

JesusWept, I hear you - I wish I could educate users, but some people just won't be helped. Particularly, those that have some authority, and choose to leverage it. Shame really, but that's people for you

Thanks you to both, I'll look to try both and come back an mark which one provided the solution, shortly

Many thanks

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Deleting the archive will fiat out fail because of the centeras governance mode