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Can we create SD users via SQL query?

Created: 29 Apr 2013 • Updated: 26 Aug 2013 | 7 comments
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This issue has been solved. See solution.

HI Gurus,

I need to "sync" the servicedesk Users not using AD but perhaps a external database table. How can i do it?  

Can I assign those created users to SD groups?

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There isn't a way to make ServiceDesk or the Process Manager portal authenticate to users outside of the ProcessManager database. However you could create a custom workflow project that queried your external database for the users and then create users in process manager. All that's required to create a user is their e-mail address and password, but the Add User component also allows for setting additional information as well.

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I have done it with a customer specific excel spreadsheet.  The list of user information was in an excel spreadsheet, and I was able to import that data as users.  I will see if I can find the package for reference

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BRING can you share your package?

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Hello BRING, if you can share your package or give more directions will be very apreciated.

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This should be pretty simple. See pseudo flow below.

  1. Get your users from DB, spreadsheet, etc.
  2. Loop through users ('For Each Element in Collection')
  3. Check if user exists ('Get user by Email' or 'Test If User Exists')
  4. Create user ('Add User')
  5. Add user to groups ('Add User To Group By Email')

The issue with doing it directly in the DB would be encrypted passwords.

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Hi Seralar, 

As requested, here is the workflow with a sample excel spreadhsheet.  This requires the excel integration component that is included.  If you dont want to use the same formatting (you probably wont), then you will need to create the spreadsheet the way you want to and then regenerate your own integration component to read the spreadsheet.

This poject creates the users if they do not exist, or updates them if their first name, last name, street address, or telephone changes in the spreadsheet.  Default password created for the users is Password123.

This is a very rough example of what can be done.  Please test, and change and modify as you would like.

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