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Can we query NetBackup DB after 7.5

Created: 18 Jul 2013 • Updated: 22 Aug 2013 | 5 comments
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Can we query NetBackup DB after 7.5?

As per the new DB modifications, NetBackup has migrated from Sybase to MySQL, does that enable us to query the database with our simple SQL queries?

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RamNagalla's picture

Netbackup Still using the Sybase in 7.5

its not migrated to MySQL.. 

and I dont think so you can query the DB .. you can only use the commands that are being provided by Symatec.

Symantec Engineering team may do that.. ( i am not sure) but as a users that is not for us.

SVK46's picture

Yea, I see that, Thanks Nagalla.

But yes, I also found that we can communicate with the DB outside NBU commands.

we need to use the SQL Anywhere Developer Edition

and need to work on change some parameters on the server.conf file.

Thanks mate.

revarooo's picture

We do not allow anyone to directly access the database with SQL commands. What would be to stop you messing up the tables and then raising a case on a dodgy database?

What do you want to do exactly? What is your goal? There may be command/s to do what you require already.

SVK46's picture

@revaroo, I didnt say that I will do. If you reread my question, i only asked is that possible. Just out of curiosity, when it is talking abt relational database, I just wanted to know if normal, simple SQL queries work out of NBU (like in TSM)

And, for obvious reasons, its only abt knowing, and I thought of sharing, that it is possible but messy. As simple as that.yes

mph999's picture

Hi Svk46,

That shounds fine - Revaroo is just being nervous as when we hear of people doing such things it often leads to very very broken systems.

It is possible to read the DB with SQL Anywhere.


Regards,  Martin
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