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Can we Restore NB Data of two different Master Server after Importing the images from Tape?

Created: 07 Jan 2013 • Updated: 08 Jan 2013 | 6 comments
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This issue has been solved. See solution.

Asking for my customer :

NB Server 1 Version On win serv 2003--- 32 bit

Now we will install another Master server on 64 bit machine with new host name for deduplication

NB Server 2 Version On Win Serv 2003 --- 64 bit 

We planned to Online the NB Server 2 , and for that we planned to import all the data from tapes to this new NB Server 2.

My question is that after importing  all the images from all tapes to this new NB Server 2 , Can we restore these Imported data ? As these imported data have different Master Server name embedded i.e of NB Server 1 

Waiting for reply from symantec expert.

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There is no problem restoring data that has been imported so you will be fine doing what you are doing.

It just sounds like an awful lot of hard work and am wondering why you are going down that path.

If all you want to do it to move from an old 32 bit server to a new 64 bit server then you are best to keep the same server name and just follow a catalog recovery on the new server (also keep the same installation location)

So make sure everything is up to date and with no jobs running do a catalog backup.

Next shut down the old server, rename the new one to the old ones name and install NBU to the same location, add tape library etc, and then do a catalog recovery

That gives you everything you previously had, including backups, policies etc. within a few hours

Hope this helps

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Thanks Marks Solution and Manjunath, very helpful for me and cleared my concepts,

but one more question, i forgot to mention ,

that the older Master Server NB1 is installed on Active Directory , so we cannot let the same name of both the server, So , we decided to install a new host name Master server NB Server 2  on another 64 bit machine . 

So, same question again that can we restore the imported images?

i have also read that migration with same server name  need consulting services but that customer will not in position to pay for consulting services.

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If the Master Servername is to be different you would need consulting services to do the catalog manipulation

Likeiwise if it has been installed using FQDN and the domain is changing the same would apply

If it has the same name then you can do it yourself

If you just get a new setup and manually import all of your tapes then the media server performing the import takes ownership of all tapes and backup images so you will be fine to do restores from them so you are fine.

Bear in mind that the backups will take on their original retention period from the date of the import

Also bear in mind that you may need to get you barcode and media ID Generation rules setup on the new system to match the old system as when it sees a tape fro the first time during an inventory it will assign it a mediaid and this much match that of the old system so that when it reads the tape header it is correct

Hope this helps

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If you want to restore the diferent master server with different hostname need to manually import all the tapes then the media server will take ownership of all the tapes to do restore but you should be aware that same barcoe generation rule as to set on the master server otherwise barcode mismatch will be there.

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Thanks a lot Marks solution, i have noted your last two posts ,regarding my case about impoting data from tapes and restoring with different host name , as you told above.

I Will took care of barcode generation rule.