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Can we schedule snapshot and snapback

Created: 16 Jan 2014 | 2 comments
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OS = Windows2008 (R2)

SFHA = 6x

Replication nodes One(Primary Site) to One(DR Site)

Application installed on replication volume = Oracle 10G


We need to establish replication between two nodes which is not problem. At DR site we have following requirement which I feel need to be scripted/schedule. Please advise.

- Establish a snapshot for the replicated volume of DR Site.

- Detach the snapshot after Sync.

- Mount snapshot volume on same system at DR Site.

  After one hour

- Unmount snapshot volume on same system at DR Site.

- ReAttach the same snaped volume with the DR replicated volume.

- Re-Sync again.

- Detach the snapshot after Sync.

- Mount snapshot volume on same system at DR Site.

Operating Systems:

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Hi Zahid,

Yes you can achieve this, here is a snippet from 6.0 VVR admin guide page 67

About the snapshot operation

The snapshot feature in VVR allows you to create the snapshots of all the data volumes in the RVG at a single point-in-time by breaking off the mirrors from the data volumes. These snapshots are a copy of the data at a single point-in-time. Therefore, if the snapshot for one of the volumes fails, the entire snapshot
operation will fail.
You can create the snapshots with appropriate prefixes so that they can be identified easily. This is especially useful if you want to reattach the snapshot volume back to its original volume using the snapback operation. If the volumes have multiple snapshots, you can choose the snapshots that need to be reattached with the help of their prefixes.
Before creating snapshots, ensure that every data volume in the RVG has a snapshot mirror associated with it. This can be done using the prepare operation. This operation creates and attaches a snapshot mirror (prepared plex) to the original volume and automatically synchronizes the mirror with the original
volume. Only after the resynchronization is complete are the prepared plexes ready for snapshot operations.

Page 190 has clear instructions on how to achieve snapback with screenshots of exact technical steps.


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I believe there is no way to schedule this from within SFW/VVR.

Not sure how good your scripting knowledge is - you will need to first of all figure out commands to perform each step - including commands to check/verify that snapshot volumes are syncronized.
Once you have tested commands for each step, you should be able to put it in a script and then schedule wilth something like Windows Task Scheduler.

Probably best to seek assistance from an ASC Partner Consultant.

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