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Can we send a custom popup Message.......?

Created: 05 Aug 2010 | 7 comments
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We have Altiris Patch management agent installed in the environment.If we want to send a particular message to the user who is a having Altiris agent installed in his system,can we send it through the altiris agent.Is it Possible?
Is there any other way to do it?

popup message such that we can send  the user a message so that we need not go physically to the user and say him the message regarding some actions to be performed by the altiris agent...

Thanks in Advance...

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Altiris Patch Management has several end user notifications that can be configured.  You can notify of the installation progress of patches, let them know a reboot is required, remind them a reboot is pending, or allow them to defer the reboot until they are ready.  All of these notifications support custom messages up to 512 characters, I believe...

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Thanks for the prompt reply..

Please let me know how can we configure these kind of notification at the altiris patch management server..

Thanks in Advacnce,,,,,

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policy notification settings. There is only one software update plug-in policy called "default", but you can clone it and apply different setings to different targets. There are two tabs in each policy, one for 'actions' (who, when and where the targeted systems will be patched and if a reboot is to occur) and notifications, which covers what Andrew mentioned.

Jim Harings
HP Enterprise Services
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I have cloned the policy that was mentioned.I fopund all the computers as same in the default policy.Can I delete the computers from the cloned policy?This does not effect the Original Default policy.

Thanks in Advance....

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Yes you can remove the target from the cloned policy and add you own, that will leave the orginal policy unchanged.

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For Example...
         If I want to check the communication of agent for a particular user with the server when i apply a policy,then can I define my own custom notification rather than given notifications?

Because in the notification that we can use specified by Jharings, the notification are ll related to software update plugin notification which can de used fot he first time installation of the plugin... I believe

Thanks in Advance.....

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The software update notifications as defnined in the software update plug-in policies occur whenever a patching 'cycle' takes place, and a reboot is required. If you don't require a reboot, you can also prompt (or nag)  the user to reboot.I like to do it on a schedule, say every 2-4 hours.

In any case, when you define the messages, you have to check the radio button to do so, and then type in your message. As Andrew said, it's limited in the character set, but it should be enough to get your point across.

Jim Harings
HP Enterprise Services
1st Rule of Connect Club: Mark the post that helped you the most as a 'solution'. 2nd Rule of Connect Club:You must talk about Connect club.