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can we take the backup from one storage lun to another storage lun

Created: 07 Mar 2013 • Updated: 10 Mar 2013 | 4 comments
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This issue has been solved. See solution.

this looks little strange to you people but one of my customer wants to do it in this way,plz suggest is it possible ot even it is right 

customer has server X and 2 storage device deice A and B,he wil create LUN ON A and B both,

Server X is SAP server and his db will be hosted on Storage A,LunA and on another storage B,whose lun is also connected thorugh the same server thorugh Iscsi it will store backup of DB which is ON lun A Right now 

so data SOURCE WILL BE LUN A on storage A and destionation will be LUN B on storage B,

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1) BE 2012 does not support SAP.

2) If you want to backup Storage A to Storage B, you can do so but what is on Storage B is the disk storage and the files in them are .bkf files.  If you want to copy Storage A to Storage B, then you have to do do a backup of Storage A to some disk storage and then restore the backup to Storage B or you can use something like robocopy to do the copy.

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so you are saying i have to create 2 jobs my first job will take the backup of lunA and destination would be 

some hard disk and then 2nd job will paste that data in to lunb


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That is correct.  It might be easier to use something like robocopy to do this.