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Can we use one SQL server for both SEP and CMS 7.5?

Created: 24 Mar 2014 | 2 comments
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Hello All,

We just confirm, can we use one MS SQL 2008/R2 (Ent) server for both SEP and CMS 7.5. We are implementing for 30000 nodes of SEP and CMS with two notification server hierarchy. In CMS we are implement only Inventory, Software management and patch management solution.

Please suggest us.

Thanks in advance....

Mahadev K,

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For environment that big it would not be advisble.Aside from the traffic and querying of all of those clients on the database, there will be a performance issue. Also, you should properly size up both your SEP and CMS.

For SEP you can check the sizing on this link:

For CMS you have to consider the requirements for it alone:


Best Regards,

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I agree with Aeschylus.  

From the CMS side, expect a highly IO intensive experience.  For 30K nodes, you will be looking at a 1x2 hierarcy.  Each SMP will need to have a corresponding database and each database will need its own resources.  The biggest factor you will need to take into account is going to be your SQL disks.  You will want to ensure that you have the proper amount of IOPs to support the read/write activity.  

I would place the SEP database on a separate SQL server to ensure maximum performance for both environments.

My advice to you is to reach out to your account team or a Symantec Partner to ensure that your specifications meet the minimum requirements.  There are many factors to take into account such as physical vs. virtual, splitting of database files, tuning, etc.

It's better to be safe...