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Cannot append to the tape

Created: 20 Feb 2013 | 6 comments


I am using backup exec 2012. I am very very new to the product. I am trying to to look around to solve my problems but I got almost get crazy now. So, I need someone step by step help me to solve the problem.

I have a tape backup schedule for 1 server and 1 job : Full on Sun and incremental on Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs and Fri.

Full set as: keep the data for 2 weeks, append for 6 days, when this job begin: overwrite

Incremental set as: Keep the data for 2 weeks, append for 6 day, when this job begin: append to the media, verwrite if no appendable is vailable.

On Sun, the full backup run successful.. That tape is keep on the tape until Mon and when the incremental starts it ask me for the new tape. I read around this forum and they talked about scrash media, but I am so confuse about. Please help.

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Let me know whether you are using a stand alone tape drive or a Robotic Tape Library? If it's a Stand Alone Tape Drive, there might be a chance that the tape was ejected after the Full Backup Job was completed.

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Thanks Sym-Ca@zy,

I use stand alone tape drive.  I did not check "Eject the media after ......" even, the day after I try to take it out and put it in again it still request for a new tape.

The error message on the job log is:

"the operation failed to acquire the minumun number of drives and media needed"

"NO appendable media could be mounted.

V-79-57344-33037 -Error - Mount failed.

PhysicaL Volume Library Media not found."

Please help


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I don't know whether you use one media set for both your full and incremental jobs.  If not, then you should create 1 media set and then target that in both your full and incremental jobs.  You should not have different media sets for your full and incremental jobs.

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Thank you, PKH,

I am a new BE user, so some technical terms are still confuse to me. So, let me tell you what I did : click Backup --> Backup to tape --> Click on Edit in Backup colunm the modify the schedule for Full and Incremental. Then click on Storage to configure the Media Set for both of them. (the configuration was mentioned abow). If the way I did is not right then tell me the right way please.



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1) In the Storage tab, create a media set and name it in a unique way.  Set the OPP and AP in the media set

2) Use this media set in your full and incremental jobs.

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Thank you, I will try to follow you instruction to test it today.

By the way, could you tell me if I tried to backup multiple server into 1 tape:


At 9PM the 1st job starts to backup serverA, at 10PM the 2nd job start to backup serverB and 11PM the 3rd job starts to backup serverC and so on. all of them goto a single tape.

How can I do so?