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Cannot backup(find) folder

Created: 02 Oct 2012 | 11 comments

Running Backup Exec 2012 on a Server 2003 w/RD1000 backup device.  I am trying to backup up a specific folder on the D:\ the job setup, the folder shows as empty - if I go to the folder location on the D:\ drive, the folder is there with content.  I have deleted and recreated the backup job and also rebooted the server, but I cannot see it in the backup Exec software - any ideas?

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pkh's picture

Is that folder under DSFR?  If it is, then it is backed up as part of the system state.  After you have backed up the system state for your D: drive, expand the system state and you should see your files.

hoemee's picture

It is a shared folder for various employees to store their documents - they are redirected from client workstations...

Jaydeep S's picture

If you logon using the Backup Exec Account on the Media Server, are you able to access that folder using its share name. As in from outside Bacup Exec, i.e. from Run -> \\<Servername>\Foldername or \\<ServerName\<Driveletter>$\Foldername

If this is not working as well, I think you will need to check the if the account has permissions on this fodler.

hoemee's picture

Thank you Jaydeep - you were correct - I set the folder to Everyone as far as permission and now I can access it.....When I go to edit the nightly backup, I still cannot see the contents of that one particular folder.  Also, In the Backup Exec window, trying to edit nightly jobs, there are folder appearing that are not longer in place on the server (been deleted) - I have refreshed and they still show up.....

Jaydeep S's picture

Try to create a new Selection List and see if the data is showing correctly.

hoemee's picture

That is what is weird - I have deleted to job, rebooted the server and recreated the job and the old deleted folders are still showing up......

Jaydeep S's picture

Are these folders only a plain NTFS share or a part of DFS or DFSR. Are the folders getting replicated.

I am not sure how you could see deleted old folders. Could you post a screeshot of what you see.

hoemee's picture

They are a simple NTFS share......I think I have solved some of these - some of the folders being backed up are not deleted folder - they are hidden folders......I have attached a screen shot of the folder I am Talking about, Matt Trask - it the edit jobs window, when I select(highlight) that folder BE shows it is empty....when I go to the actual folder data is there......I am having trouble attaching a screenshot - I will try to send it to you in a PM.....

Matt Trask Folder.JPG
Jaydeep S's picture

I have replied to your PM. This seems more to be a permissions issue. have you tried to backup this folder anyways. See from the restore selections if you are able to restore the files and folders inside.

Alternatively, try to grant Backup Exec account Full Permissions on the Folders and see if you can backup.

hoemee's picture

Weird - I have selected the folder for backup on the nightly backup and I got a clean backup, no errors; however, when I click on that folder (Matt Trask), there is nothing there (from within edit backups)....I just executed a restore job of that folder and it is visible (and all files) from within the restore job.  The restore job executed successfully as well.